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  • We offer a complete car color change, blackout packages, customized accents, stripes and much more. We do professional wrapping of cars, furniture, walls, windows, doors in a short time. We have 10+ years of experience.
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Why us?


Ten years of experience in car wrapping and hundreds of trustworthy relationships with our customers are some of our key assets. We are here to offer you friendly service, quality wrapping work and great results.


Our team are professionals in wrapping work, meaning we consider every little detail of the vehicle. We wrap door jambs and all the external elements, making sure your car will look brand new.

Catalog of car wrap films

Here you can find the color you want for your car and see how it will look like.



Vinyl change color

Vinyl wrap - a complete alternative to repainting.

Our vinyl wraps at a reasonable cost mean a completely new style of your car, with no difficulties. If you get tired of the color—simply remove the film.

Commercial wraps

Increase brand loyalty and increase the number of customers.

Commercial vehicle branding such a car wrap advertising is a simple way to make your company recognizable. A vivid design that illustrates your services attracts numerous clients with a single investment.

Starlight headliner installation

The starry sky in the cabin of your car

Imitation of the star-studded sky, made on the ceiling of the car interior: above the head of the passengers and the driver, there are many point light sources that create the illusion of stars

Window tint

You can tint a car and stay confident in your driving safety.

Car window tinting — a completely legal way to lower the temperature inside the car, while achieving a complete, stylish look. Gone are the days when you had to choose between visual clarity and the cabin interior coolness. Modern car window tinting film allows you to block up to 99% of ultraviolet light without affecting the view of the road.

Ceramic coating

Even after a single application ceramic car coating and ceramic tint will serve you for years to come. The incredible shine of the body is another nice addition to the protective qualities.

Ceramic coating has no negative impact on the car, and is also easily combined with the PPF protection. By choosing ceramic car coating, you will never have to worry about the safety of your car surface, while it looks remarkable and effectively protects your vehicle.

Custom car design

Vivid wrap designs contribute to all the visual features of the car’s design and will completely transform it

Your car is a way of self-expression just like your clothes, hobbies or tattoos. It is a strong way to stand out from the crowd and to catch the admiring looks with specially designed custom car wraps.

Paint protection film

If you rent out your vehicle, our paint protection film will ensure you have one thing less to worry about—your car paint is safe despite all the possible harmful road conditions.

Car is not simply a vehicle, it is also an indicator of the status and the image of its owner—it is an investment in your lifestyle that receives protection. Without paint protection film your car paint is at risk every day. Even when your car is parked, it is not safe from scratches, scuffs, and other kinds of damage by third parties.

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Full vehicle wraps on personal
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Vinyl change color

Starlight headliner installation

Ceramic coating

Custom car design

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